Home Ventilation

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We install ventilation systems in Whangarei & throughout Northland

The great thing about using a home ventilation system is that you won’t have any more problems with condensation and mildew. If you have a house that doesn’t have leaks and is adequately heated, you can still find that there is build up of condensation in the mornings and mildew in the bathrooms.

Continuous ventilation ensures that all the moist air that builds up inside your house from cooking, showers and just simply breathing, is vented outside and replaced with fresh, dry air.

Ventilation systems should be suitable for the size and proportions of your home. We have all tried to use a small dehumidifier and found that we have to shuttle it around the house from room to room to have any effect. Our staff can assess your homes requirements for ventilation and recommend a system that will be able to cope with the demands placed on it.

Filtration is important when bringing air into your home. Some systems will bring in air from outside, while others will push warmer air from inside the roof back into the house. Either way, we ensure that the ventilation system will operate in a way that will be safe for you and your family.

Ventilation for home heating?

Sometimes there are claims that ventilation systems will heat your home. While there is some small impact on temperatures due to the removal of moisture or from pushing warmer air from the roof cavity into the house, this is not what ventilation systems are designed for. Talk to us about home heating if this is also a problem.