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Heat pump installers in Whangarei operate in a highly competitive environment where heat pumps are sold and installed through many different avenues. Heat Pump Professionals are the company you will remember and want to tell your friends about. We are passionate about people getting an energy efficient and future proof clean heat solution that is quick, safe and simple. We like to think we are the best heatpump installers in Whangarei!

We are a small Whangarei business with a big objective – to make sure that the customers who choose to do business with us get the very best before and after-sales heat pump and air conditioning service.

Trent Sissons – the “Heat Pump Professional”

Trent grew up in Taranaki and moved to Auckland to serve his apprenticeship and gain trade certificate as a Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Engineer with McAlpine Refrigeration (now McAlpine Hussmann Ltd).

Now nearly 20 years on, he has accumulated a great deal of experience in both commercial refrigeration and air conditioning as well as residential heat pumps. His experience includes working in the industry in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. When Trent isn’t talking to people about heat pumps he enjoys fishing, golf and motorsport.

Heat Pump Professionals Ltd is the realization of his goal to own a company where he can work hard to make a difference for his customers in the confusing world of heat pump purchase and installation.

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