Air Conditioning Installers Whangarei

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Stay cool inside on hot summer nights

Air conditioning in Whangarei can be a great benefit in the hot, humid Summers that we have in Northland. If you are uncomfortable with the Summer temperatures in your home, call us. We have solutions for all rooms in your home or office.

Air conditioning can help if you;

  • Are having trouble sleeping at night.
  • Are feeling uncomfortable and hot during the day.
  • Have children that are tossing and turning and can’t sleep.
  • Have condensation on your windows every morning.
  • Have trouble concentrating at work.

Air conditioning keeps your home or office at a constant temperature at any time, day or night.

What kind of air conditioning do I need?

Air conditioning units come in various sizes and types to suit the size and layout of your home or office. The area of the room  The capacity and type of the air conditioning / heat pump that suits your situation best depends on many factors. The most important one is the area of the room, but also factors such as height of the room, location of the room towards the sun, glass area, insulation are important to take into consideration. Varcoe Refrigeration is more than happy to meet you on site or advise you from your plans on your best heating or cooling solution.

Make your life more comfortable

Air conditioning/heat pumps enables you to make your home or work environment as comfortable as possible. Not only can you control the temperature of your rooms, but you can also clean the air and enrich the oxygen levels. There are many different types of air conditioning/heat pump solutions that Varcoe Refrigeration offer.

Split System Air Conditioning/Heat Pumps

The split system air conditioning system allows you to have a remote condensing unit (compressor and fan assembly) located away from the indoor unit. This outdoor unit can be located on walls, under decks, in gardens, on roofs.

Various Brands/Units Available

There are various types of Split System air conditioning/heat pump units; ceiling / floor console, cassette, high-wall, ducted and multi system.